Level Up at Habit Skills with Simple Daily Training

In our lives, we often struggle to create the changes that will make lasting improvements.

We struggle with:

  • Staying on task and beating procrastination
  • Being consistent with exercise, diet, meditation
  • Being organized and getting rid of clutter
  • Reading or studying regularly
  • Writing or creating on a regular basis
  • Staying on top of finances
  • And much more: quitting smoking or other bad habits, mental habits like anxiety or negative thinking, social habits like connecting with others

So how do we make lasting changes?

Habits are the answer.

Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what skills are needed to create lasting habit change, nor do they know how to master those skills.

This Habit Mastery course is the answer to that.

In this course, we will:

  1. Learn how habits work, and how most people screw them up.
  2. Learn a simple method for forming habits.
  3. Learn the basic skills you need to practice to get good at forming habits.
  4. Level up by learning intermediate and advanced habit skills (like mental habits, juggling multiple habits, quitting bad habits).
  5. Learn the top methods & tips from 11 habit experts

Are you ready to start training? I’ve brought in my best learnings from teaching habits and my own habit experiments over the years, and I’ve interviewed 11 habit experts (see the “Habit Expert” section below). This course will help you level up, no matter what your experience in changing your life.

Level Up Your Skills

No matter what level you’re at, you can level up using this course and the training system.

  1. Beginner Level: You’re a beginner if you struggle to change your habits, have had a hard time making things stick, have a lot of things you want to change and don’t know how to get started, or previously changed habits but have been struggling for awhile now. Level up: Learn the basic habit skills, practice them and make a couple habits stick, overcome a few common obstacles, and make a plan for changing your whole life going forward. You’ll be building consistency. You’re now ready for Intermediate Level.
  2. Intermediate Level: You’re at the intermediate stage if you have formed a few good habits, but you struggle with harder habits, don’t know how to juggle multiple habits, or you keep getting tripped up and want to become more solid with your habits. Level up: We’ll show you how to dynamically manage multiple habits, how to make them even stronger, how to tackle the more advanced habits, and how to restart when your multiple habits get derailed. You’ll be building resiliency. You’re now ready for Advanced Level.
  3. Advanced Level: You’re at this stage if you’ve gone through the first two stages and are ready to tackle the hardest habits (mental habits, mindfulness throughout the day, and quitting an addiction), and you want to get even better at the meta skills so you can take on any habit challenge that comes your way. You’ll be building mastery and the ability to deal with chaos and uncertainty. You’re now a Habit Master.

You’ll level up by building mastery through daily practice. You’ll use every mistake as a learning opportunity. You’ll become more and more awesome each day you practice.

What You’ll Get

In this 12-week course, we will:

  • Get two video lessons a week
  • Have a habit training mission each week (daily practice)
  • Learn the best methods for changing any habit
  • Figure out what level you’re currently at, and have a plan for getting to the next level
  • Get bonus video and audio interviews with 11 habit experts
  • Use a habit tracker web app called Habit Zen
  • Learn to overcome many common obstacles to habit change
  • Learn how to change your entire life, one habit at a time

These tools have helped me to change my entire life — and I am confident that if you put in the effort, you’ll develop the skills to change your life as well.

Who Am I?

I’m Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, a blog about mindfulness, simplicity and changing your habits. I changed my entire life, from quitting smoking to losing 70 lbs., from starting running (and eventually running marathons) to eating healthier (now vegan), from decluttering my life to getting out of debt, meditating, writing books and procrastinating less.

I’ve also worked with thousands of people who have changed their habits, and I know how transformative these practices are. This is not impossible. We can all do this.

How Much of an Investment Is This?

I believe this is a life-changing course, and that if put into practice these tools can transform your life. They’ve changed my life and I’ve helped many others using these ideas.

So I truly believe this course is worth thousands of dollars — getting in good health, finding happiness, changing your productivity habits, getting your finances in shape, overcoming procrastination, developing better social skills and relationships … these are worth $20,000 or more in my mind. The pathway to these all become possible with the ideas in this course. If you put them into practice.

The key is whether or not you practice, and that part is free. You can practice at home, at work, anywhere. I won’t charge your for the most valuable part of the course.

If you don’t practice, it will be a worthless course. If you do, it will be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

So I’m asking you to invest $299 in your life.

In your health and productivity. In your relationships and personal happiness.

Start taking this course, actually do the exercises, and see this investment pay off 10-100x over the course of the next year or two. I believe in this wholeheartedly.

When Does the Course Run?

The course starts this week (but you can start anytime) … and will run for 12 weeks.

You’ll get:

  1. Two video lessons a week
  2. Plus a weekly habit training mission (short daily training)
  3. The ability to submit questions that Leo will answer
  4. Bonus interviews with 11 habit experts

However, if you sign up late, you can still take the course and go at your own pace. There’s no need to start when everyone else starts.

They key to getting the most out of this course is commitment — make it important in your mind, and don’t put off watching the lessons or doing the exercises.

Commit yourself to this practice. With 12 weeks of training, if you actually do the work, you’ll see transformation.

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Habit Expert Interviews

I have had the honor of interviewing the most incredible lineup of habit experts I could imagine (all are video except Tim Ferriss, which is audio):

  1. Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body
  2. Charles Duhigg, author of the Power of Habit
  3. BJ Fogg, director of Stanford University’s Persuasive Tech Lab and the Tiny Habits program
  4. Gretchen Rubin, author of Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits
  5. Chelsea Dinsmore, co-founder of the awesome Live Your Legend blog, and one of the most grounded people I know
  6. Dr. Sean Young, author of Stick with It
  7. James Clear, author of Transform Your Habits
  8. Courtney Carver, author of Be More with Less blog and Soulful Simplicity
  9. Tynan, author of Superhuman by Habit
  10. Scott Young, author of How to Change a Habit

Honestly, I am so psyched to bring the incredible wisdom of these experts to you, they are all quite amazing!

Bonus Ebooks

In addition to the course, which I believe is already very valuable … I’m offering seven bonus ebooks that I’ve written:

  1. The Habit Guide
  2. Discipline, Solved
  3. Essential Zen Habits
  4. The Do Guide
  5. Un-Procrastinate
  6. Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness
  7. Focus: A Simplicity Manifesto in the Age of Distraction

This is about a $50 value (some of these books aren’t for sale anymore), but honestly I think if you put them to use, they could help you change your life.

Ask Questions, Leo Will Answer Them

In addition to the video lessons and exercises, I’m creating a Facebook group for discussion among participants, as well as the ability to submit questions about your particular struggle.

I’m going to do my best to answer most or all questions in articles and videos that I’ll publish during the course.

In answering these questions, I’ll be customizing the course for you. And I think we can all benefit from a discussion of whatever habit obstacles you face.

I hope you’ll join me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the course? Here you go:

QUESTION: I’m in the Sea Change Program, and I’m already doing your current video course. Should I do both Habit Mastery and Sea Change?

Leo: They can work together, if you have the mental space in your life to watch both sets of videos. For example, if you’re doing my video course on the First Hour, and you sign up for Habit Mastery,

QUESTION: I’ve been in Sea Change for a couple of years, and have learned a lot about changing habits. Will I get a lot out of this?

Leo: Amazing question. And thanks for being in Sea Change for so long! This course is designed to help you no matter what level you’re at. So if you’re a Beginner, you’ll work on moving to Intermediate level. If you’re already pretty good at habits (Intermediate or Advanced), you can work on leveling up to the next level (Advanced or Habit Master). So yes, you can start at whatever level you’re at, and work on getting better.

QUESTION: I have some trips/events planned in the next couple of months … will I still be able to do the course?

Leo: Yes. Sign up now, but you can do the lessons at your own pace. For example, if you need to take a week (or two) off because of travel or events, you can just not do the lessons during that time, and pick it up when you’re ready. The lessons will be up for at least a year. You can always come back to them, and just because you’re not in sync with everyone else, doesn’t mean you have to stress out. Also, I would recommend trying to stick with a minimal version of your habit while traveling or facing other disruptions — it’s an advanced habit skill (more on this in the course).

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